Image of a woman holding a child in a park

Take the Pledge

Science has shown that our health, and our children’s health, is being directly and seriously impacted by the changing climate. Climate change is contributing to the spread of the tick that transmits Lyme disease. Asthma triggers and risks for heat-related illnesses are also becoming more common—and more dangerous.

By joining this campaign, you are committing to sharing information to help protect the health of children in Ontario – for today and for the future.

The Make It Better Pledge

I pledge to make it better for Ontario’s children by protecting them from the health impacts of climate change. I will: 

  • Stay informed
  • Share what I know
  • Support action on climate change 
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Tessa, Ontario

April, Ontario

Caroline, Ontario

Samantha, Ontario

Sarah, Ontario

Wilf, Ontario

Kendra, Ontario

Margaret, Ontario

Meg, Ontario

Adam, Ontario

Joanne, Ontario

Julie, Ontario

Julie, Ontario

Sari, Ontario

Alan, Ontario

Wanda, Saskatchewan

Jacquie, Ontario

John, Ontario

David, Ontario

Kimia, Ontario

Heather, Ontario

Amy, Ontario

Aldénoriane, Quebec

Jane, Ontario

Sarah, Ontario

Chantal, Ontario

Enea, Ontario

Lisa, Ontario

Shannon, Ontario

Jenna, Ontario

Llewellyn, Ontario

Catharine, Ontario

Carlene, Ontario

Claudette, Ontario

Meghan, Ontario

Emily, Ontario

diane, Ontario

Alyssa, Ontario

Kerrianne, Ontario

Judy, Ontario

Gen, Ontario

Tiffany, Ontario

Rachel, Ontario

Danielle, Ontario

Kayla, Ontario

Michael, Ontario

Tara, Ontario

Julie, Ontario

Andrea, Ontario

Maryanne Tam-Po, Ontario

Kristia, Ontario

Mary, Ontario

Deanna, Ontario

Suzanne, Ontario

Trevor, British Columbia

Merran, British Columbia

Sarah, Ontario

Florencia, Ontario

Kelly, Ontario

Karen, Ontario

Mohsina, Ontario

Meghan, Ontario

Tammy, Ontario

Jos, Ontario

Janet, Ontario

Sally, Ontario

Nancy, Ontario

Joanna, Ontario

Stewart, Ontario

Marian, Ontario

Tina, Ontario

Miranda, British Columbia

Wally, Ontario

Vanessa, Ontario

Carey, Ontario

Jill, Manitoba

Suzanne, British Columbia

Monika, Ontario

David, Ontario

Mackenzie, Ontario

correy, Manitoba

Rob, Ontario

Nathalia, Ontario

Kyla, Ontario

Caroline, Ontario

Anna, Ontario

Nilou, Ontario

William, Ontario

Alisha, Ontario

Louis, Ontario

Kelly, Ontario

Alison, Ontario

Veronica, Ontario

Heidi, Ontario

Joanne, Ontario

Jean-Pierre, Ontario

Emilita, Ontario

Daniel, Ontario

sarah, Ontario

Brooke, Ontario

Pam, Ontario

Terri, Ontario

john, Ontario

wendy, Ontario

Richard, Ontario

Kevin, Ontario

Christina, Ontario

Kevin, Ontario

Deborah, Ontario

Roanne, Ontario

Liz, Ontario

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Danielle, Ontario

Tony, Ontario

Alex, Ontario

Danielle, Ontario

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Cyndi, Ontario

Gillian, Ontario

Heather, Nova Scotia

Lynn, Ontario

Trevor, Ontario

Giulia, Ontario

Melanie, Ontario

Jeff, Ontario

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Deborah, Ontario

Richard, Ontario

Beth, Ontario

Melody, Ontario

Lisa, Ontario

Kathleen, Ontario

Charlene, Ontario

Julie, Ontario

Brianna, Ontario

Jessica, Ontario

Donald, Ontario

Kate, Ontario

Kimberley, New Brunswick

Katrina, Ontario

Joe, Ontario

Barbara, Ontario

Heather, Ontario

May, Ontario

Kalden, Ontario

Jessica, Ontario

Allan, Ontario

ryan, Ontario

Nancy, Ontario

Ann, Ontario

Corinne, Ontario

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