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The affects of climate change on children’s health (Aug 2019)

By Citytv on Breakfast Television

Longer, drier and hotter summers increase risk of asthma, heat stroke, and lyme disease. Pegeen Walsh is here to discuss the concerns about climate change and its impact on children’s health.

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How does climate change affect children’s health? (Aug 2019)

by Jeremiah Rodriguez for

The Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) rolled out “Make It Better,” which will teach parents and caregivers how to protect children who are disproportionately affected by the harmful effects of climate change. OPHA executive director Pegeen Walsh told CTV News Channel that the program is the first of its kind in Ontario, saying “so often, we hear about the environmental impacts and people are feeling very disempowered.”

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Canadian children at greater risk of asthma, Lyme disease due to climate change (Aug 2019)

by Jessica Vomiero for Global News

Rising global temperatures may be putting the health of Canadian children at risk, the Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) warns. Between 2021 and 2050, metropolitan areas such as Toronto could see over 30 extreme heat days annually — a number that could reach 50 by 2080. These extended warmer seasons mean Lyme disease-carrying tick populations are growing and are active for more of the year.

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Health group says Ontario must do more to protect children from climate change (Aug 2019)

by Nick Boisvert for CBC News

An Ontario health advocacy group is calling for more action to protect children from the harmful effects of climate change. The non-profit Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) says children will be disproportionately at risk of asthma, heat stroke and Lyme disease, due to the longer, drier and hotter summers expected in the coming decades.

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Climate change bringing new threats to children’s health in Ontario (Aug 2019)

by Marco Chown Oved for The Star

Heat stroke, Lyme disease and asthma were once seen as rare conditions that only sporadically cropped up in Ontario. But climate change means these once far-off risks have become grave threats to the health of children in the province, according to a new public health campaign launching Wednesday.

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Vote for better public health by addressing climate change

Opinion editorial by Dr. Rosana Salvaterra for The Examiner

There is abundant evidence showing the negative impact that climate change has on health, which includes aggravated respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses, increased injury and death, and the risk of triggering mental-health issues. The stakes are high and we voters have a responsibility to educate ourselves so that we can choose carefully, based on this, as well as other important issues that we care about.

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