Past Newsletters

information on new climate change-related reports, gain practical health and safety tips, and find out how you can effect change. 

Fall/Winter 2021

Information about steps you can take to protect your family from the health impacts of climate change during the summer and ideas for how to get involved in your community

Summer 2021

 A healthy, green, and just recovery, economic implications from the health impacts of air pollution, sustainable eating and ideas for reducing food waste, Earth Day events, and more!

April 2021

Benefits of active travel and investing in transportation, benefits of nature to health, a new report on levels of carbon emission in GTHA, upcoming events.

March 2021

Expert advice to setting sustainable resolutions for the new year and how to navigate eco-anxiety among young people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

January 2021

 Improving public health, creating a sustainable economy and protecting the environment

December 2020

Canadian researchers call attention to the ‘September asthma peak’ as children head back to school. Find out how you can keep your loved ones safe this fall.

September 2020

Celebrate Canada Day with nature. Learn how you can protect yourself and your family while spending quality time outdoors during summer.

July 2020

Calling all parents and teachers to keep the conversations going, engage children and help them be a part of the solution during the Canadian Environment Week.

June 2020

Happy Earth Day! Ideas for actions during a time of physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

April 2020

Stay informed on the latest reports and news on climate change in Ontario and Canada.

February 2020

Climate change was a top issue in the 2019 fall federal election. Read more on the latest reports and new in Ontario and Canada.

December 2019