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Climate change is negatively impacting our health, and the health of Ontario’s children. Extreme weather is becoming more common, causing the spread of Lyme disease carrying ticks, increasing Asthma triggers and risks of heat-related illnesses to dangerous levels – and children are among the most vulnerable.

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The Make It Better Pledge
I pledge to make it better for Ontario’s children by protecting
them from the health impacts of climate change. I will:

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  • Support action on climate change
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Climate change is contributing to the spread of ticks that carry Lyme disease. Asthma triggers and risks for heat-related illness are also becoming more common and more dangerous – and children are among the most at risk.

  • Extended, warmer seasons mean disease-carrying tick populations can grow, spread, and be active longer.3 In Ontario, Lyme disease risk areas have increased over time.4 
  • Air pollution, dust, forest fire smoke and pollen are key triggers for asthma attacks.5 Climate change means longer, drier and warmer summers, increasing air pollution risks from forest fires, dust storms, pollen and smog-forming chemical reactions.6
  • In Ontario, climate change is leading to more and more extreme heat days.7 Each year in Toronto, extreme heat contributes to an average of 120 premature deaths.8

Untreated, these health impacts can cause hospitalization – or worse.  Without climate action, our health and quality of life will be significantly impacted. 

A new approach is needed to bring the community together and work on solutions to climate change. We are asking you to join this initiative by taking the pledge below.

By joining this campaign, you are committing to sharing information to help protect the health of children in Ontario – for today and for the future. 

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