Poverty and Income

Inequalities in children in low income families in Canada33

  • Approximately 1 in 6 children live in households experiencing poverty.
  • Low income affects the capacity to live in quality housing, have access to healthy foods, and is associated with unfavourable physical and mental health outcomes as children age.

The proportion of children in Canada living in low income families34 is:

  • 2.2 times higher among those who are recent immigrants than among those who are non-immigrants
  • 2.7 times higher among Black Canadians, 2.0 times higher among Arab, South Asian and West Asian Canadians, and 1.7 times higher among East and Southeast Asian Canadians, than among White Canadians

Indigenous children in Canada are at greater risk of living in low income families35, where the proportion is:

  • 2.6 times higher among First Nations children and 1.4 times higher among M├ętis children, than among non-Indigenous children

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